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Don't let your STD's stop you from dating!

In the 80 century, HIV / AIDS was considered as a deadly and highly feared disease, with appurtenant prejudice. Today, fortunately view of disease changed in step with research and devolvement of medications. HIV is by all means still a serious disease that is more or less impact on your quality of life. However, it is no longer considered a lethal disease as long as you provide adequate medication and monitoring health. By doing so most HIV positive can have a quality of life approximates persons without the disease.

Easy to archive mutual respect when your in the same boat

HIV is a sexually transmitted disease and although it used protection such as a condom so there is a slight risk of becoming infected through sexual contact. However, what is quite problematic is that two HIV infected people have sex with each other, you can not be infected again with a disease they already have. At HivDate.org we have created an excellent meeting place for those who are infected with the HIV / AIDS and other STDs. By date others with HIV you can also be sure that you have something in common though it may not be an issue with positive sign that there is something that characterizes everyday life greatly for both. This can naturally lead to greater mutual respect for each other's situation without judgmental attitudes.

Your preferred level of privacy is important to us!

We understand that people with STD's want more discretions when dating online than people without such a diagnose. Of course you can be recognised if you use a recognisable profile picture, but we promises to protect your privacy and you will personally choose if you use profile picture where you can be recognised or if you prefer to use a more anonymous profile picture. It's all up to you but at one point you have to take a chance and show your face to your date. What we try to say is it is up to you to choose your preferred level of security when you choose our professionally dating services.